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Aero Sport Connection

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Aero Sports Connection[edit]


Aero Sports Connection, Inc. (ASC) - aerosports.org - was designed to provide an innovative, all-inclusive, and flexible support structure to serve the unique needs of light sport aviation. The support structure of ASC provides:

  • Exemption Management.
  • Vehicle Registration Management.
  • Pilot Registration.
  • Competition Recording.
  • National Magazine
  • Membership Renewal.
  • Wing Structure with as few as 25 members to provide national organization status to meet the individual vehicle types‟ and areas‟ unique needs.
  • Management Services, and more.

ASC has been the largest of all training exemptions with over: *

  • 2700 Instructors
  • 1340 Powered Parachute.
  • 516 Fixed Wing.
  • 330 Trike.
  • 45 Powered Paraglider.
  • 18 Gyro.
  • 2 Powered Lighter-than-Air.
  • 2.5 Million Hours of Flight Experience including 250,000 hours of flight training time and 900,000 hours of Ultralight.

ASC's reputation for responsible operation under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Exemption is exemplary. The FAA often references ASC‟s system as “very effective and responsible.”

Why Join ASC?[edit]

Ways Aero Sports Connection supports the ultralight community:

  1. ASC is entirely volunteer, no salaries.
  2. In 2005, ASC reduced its membership fee by $10.
  3. ASC is a Tax Exempt non-profit organization.
  4. ASC Pilot Ratings and “detailed ratings” do not expire, available for a one time fee.
  5. ASC has always had all your ratings listed on your Card. No need to access via internet.
  6. ASC has no requirement to pay a per-student fee.
  7. ASC has cost savings over all other organizations.
  8. ASC has no Insurance requirements. Insurance is a choice. We can advise ways if you need insurance.
  9. ASC provides a sample liability waiver. States have some form of Landowner Liability Exemption for Recreational use.
  10. The FAA requires that "ASC shall also have a procedure to rescind this authority when needed". The ASC Peer Review process is direct and fair.
  11. ASC Exemption is efficient and administered cost effectively, without excessive fees.
  12. ASC does not monitor, or manage, instructor business practices.
  13. ASC has held tandem exemptions since 1994 and at times ASC has had the most instructors ever “under exemption”.
  14. Aero Connections Magazine is part of membership.
  15. ASC supports the ultralight community with the necessary efficient and cost effective programs, including the Tandem Exemption 9785.


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